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About us

Boutique design studio specializing in the development of bespoke projects for private and public spaces.

Studio 1+1 is a partnership of like-minded individuals, a fusion of function and beauty, a quest for the essence of design, regardless of its scale or location. Our specialization lies in the ability to discern the moment when there is nothing more to add or subtract, when functionality blends seamlessly with beauty, and the accomplished work brings satisfaction both visually and emotionally. In each project, we strive to grasp the core idea of design in order to create spaces that cater to natural human needs: a sense of belonging, freedom, and preservation of individuality.


Prokhorova Natalia

interior designer

Natalia, a master of the design department at Saint Petersburg University of Technology and Design, adheres to a philosophy centered on creating simple and enduring design projects for both private and commercial spaces, with a keen attention to detail. Drawing from her experience in major architectural firms, she strives to find harmony between the complex and the straightforward, exploring the potential and beauty of the spaces she interacts with.

Thanks to her human-centered approach and sensitivity to the tactile perception of materials and details, her projects acquire a meticulously crafted character with a timeless aesthetic in the realms of architecture and interior design.

Furthermore, Natalia's experience in a multi-brand furniture and lighting showroom has provided her with a deep understanding of leading brands, their quality, and production history.

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Prokhorov Andrei
ingineer, 3D artist

With a Master's degree from Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Andrey seamlessly integrates his experience, combining technical, aesthetic, and rhetorical skills in the processes of design and creative communication.

At Studio 1+1, he applies these skills in the development of design projects, creating 3D models, and presenting them. Additionally, thanks to his international experience working in marketing and procurement at a large state-owned enterprise, Andrey optimizes all internal processes within the studio.

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