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Designer Supervision

Interior design


Draft Project — from 45 €/m2

Full design project — from 50 €/m2


Comprehensive design - 3-4 months


  • Dimensional drawings

  • Layout solution with furniture arrangement

  • Wall demolition plans

  • Installation plans for new walls

  • Flooring plans with material specifications

  • Ceiling plans considering air conditioning systems and light fixture placements

  • Plumbing construction and system plans

  • Switch placement plans and a schematic diagram of lighting control equipment by groups

  • Placement plans for electrical outlets and sockets

  • Wall elevations for all rooms with material specifications

  • Complex junctions, joint executions, and details

  • 3D visualizations of all main rooms

Materials Specification

The duration is approximately 12 months.

What we do during the procurement stage:

  • Consult suppliers and manufacturers of individual items according to the project

  • Verify their final working drawings to ensure compliance with the design project

  • Visit showrooms to select samples of finishes

  • Organize the process of manufacturing individual samples

  • Conduct reselection of items if necessary

  • Supervise all procurement documentation

  • Provide you with a monthly purchasing report

Cost: 500 euros

Designer Supervision

The duration is approximately 12 months.

What we do during the author's supervision stage:

  • Provide consultation to the foreman and other contractors regarding the project

  • Visit the site once a week

  • Ensure that the work being carried out aligns with the design project

  • Make adjustments and clarifications to drawings as needed

  • Provide you with a report on the progress of the works along with photographs

  • Create a shared platform with project information accessible to the client, contractors, and the team

Cost: 450 euros per month


Duration: 1-1.5 hours

Analysis of the layout, recommendations for optimizing space (if necessary);

Analysis of communications, initial room data;

Recommendations for the future interior style, options for color schemes and materials;

Consultation takes place remotely in any convenient format for you, such as audio calls or video conferences;

Cost: 50 euros per session

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