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Beauty and Cosmetology Center Project in Odintsovo District, Moscow Region.

A modern and minimalist interior filled with natural materials and various textures. A very tactile, warm, and aesthetic space for the soul and body. A medical center offering a wide range of services, for each of which we have endeavored to create its own special space. Here, there are cosmetology rooms, procedure rooms, a hall for hairdressers, a massage room, a SPA area with a hammam, shower, and separate restroom, a manicure and pedicure room, as well as a staff area.

Interior style: modern, Japandi, wabi-sabi.

Area: 200 m2 Implementation Year: 2023

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Originally, we had two adjacent spaces, each approximately 100 m2 in size, which we managed to merge by dismantling the shared wall made of aerated concrete blocks, leaving only load-bearing elements. Thanks to this, we obtained a large unified space, which we divided into themed zones: spa, cosmetology, hairdressing, manicure, and pedicure. Additionally, we created a spacious entrance area for clients, where we organized a reception desk, a waiting area, and small exhibition areas for professional care products. The columns and protruding parts of the walls were not accidental: these are all load-bearing structures and ducts that we managed to integrate into the interior organically and gracefully, thereby giving it its uniqueness.


The SPA zone required special attention, as the massage room lacked windows, necessitating the creation of a sense of their presence. Hence, the decision to install a glowing lattice partition, simulating a large stained-glass window in Eastern style. Despite its apparent simplicity, the construction of this partition was intricate and labor-intensive: to achieve uniform soft reflected light, we used two layers of milky-white glass with LED strips placed between them along the perimeter of each section. As a result, besides light, this window also emits warmth, which is highly appropriate for a massage room and spa procedures.


In each room, individual lighting scenarios have been carefully considered. In cosmetology and procedural areas, bright daylight spots have been installed, whereas in the spa zones and massage rooms, there are no overhead spotlights at all. Additionally, we paid great attention to the design of the windows by adding wooden casings combined with radiator screens, making them another focal point in the rooms. Privacy concerns are addressed by wide blinds integrated within the casings themselves.


The hairdressing area had specific requirements: it was necessary to organize separate chairs for washing hair, facing the mirror, and in such a way that the client could be positioned almost horizontally for certain procedures. At the same time, the lighting also had to be non-uniform; we needed to create fixtures of neutral white color and also warm color, as for some types of coloring, only white or only warm light would give incorrect shades. Additionally, special copper trolleys were developed for various hair products and equipment for each stylist, as professional trolleys and stands often look bulky and not very aesthetic.

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